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Professional services

CopeGrand stands out as the premier choice for all your construction needs in Coastal South Carolina. As a licensed residential builder and holder of a General Contractor unlimited license, our credentials speak for themselves. What truly sets us apart, however, is our unwavering commitment to superior quality in every custom home and renovation project we undertake. We prioritize excellence in design, construction, and preventative maintenance, ensuring your property remains in optimal condition year-round. With our meticulous 300-point inspections, tailored services, and expertise in hurricane-resistant construction, choosing CopeGrand means choosing a partner dedicated to your vision, your investment, and your peace of mind.

New Construction

New Construction

When it comes to selecting a partner for your home construction needs, CopeGrand has been established as the top choice. Our reputation is built on a foundation of profound product knowledge, an unwavering commitment to quality, and a dedication to employing decades-tested construction methods. We don't just build homes; we craft them with meticulous attention to detail and precision, setting the standard for craftsmanship in the industry.


At CopeGrand, excellence is not just a goal; it's our driving force. We prioritize every aspect of our work, ensuring that each project we undertake embodies our commitment to excellence in construction. When you choose us, you're not just choosing a builder; you're choosing a partner who shares your vision for a home that stands as a testament to quality and superior craftsmanship. Inquire here for a complimentary consultation to begin to see the difference in CopeGrands approach, process and value add initiative.

Pre-Construction Management
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At CopeGrand, our commitment to excellence is exemplified through our meticulously curated and master-planned pre-construction experience, which has earned us numerous prestigious awards, solidifying our position as a leading custom home builder. Our core focus revolves around pre-construction management, encompassing pivotal tasks such as planning, budgeting, scheduling, and compliance.


This comprehensive approach lays the groundwork for each project, ensuring they not only meet but exceed expectations. By placing meticulous attention on preconstruction management, we consistently steer projects towards success, keeping them on track, within budget, and fully compliant with all relevant regulations. This unwavering dedication forms the very essence of our mission to deliver exceptional homes that epitomize the unparalleled quality and expertise synonymous with CopeGrand.

Site Evaluation & Acquisition

Due Diligence,
Site Evaluation & Acquisition Consulting

CopeGrand is your unequivocal choice when it comes to site evaluation and property acquisition. With our unparalleled expertise, we meticulously assess and analyze potential properties, ensuring they align perfectly with your vision and objectives. Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of the process, providing you with the essential information you need to make informed decisions.


With CopeGrand as your partner, you'll have the confidence that your property acquisition endeavors are backed by a team dedicated to your success and unmatched in their ability to identify and secure the ideal sites for your projects. Choose CopeGrand for site evaluation and property acquisition that sets the foundation for your success.

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In-house interior design

At the heart of creating an exquisite, bespoke residence lies not just the architecture but the harmonious blend of structure and style. This is where our in-house interior design service, spearheaded by the esteemed Kristine Russell, transforms your vision into a tangible sanctuary of luxury and comfort.

With over 25 years of refined expertise, Kristine Russell is more than an interior designer; she is a curator of spaces that resonate with your lifestyle and aspirations. Our in-house service ensures that every nuance of your home's design is seamlessly integrated from the blueprint to the final brushstroke, offering a bespoke experience that is as unique as our discerning clientele.

Our approach is holistic, considering every element from spatial planning to the final flourish of decor, ensuring that your home is not only a masterpiece of design but a true reflection of your essence. With Kristine's meticulous eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence, each space is crafted to be an enduring testament to style and sophistication.


Choosing our in-house interior design service means embarking on a collaborative journey where your dreams are the blueprint. Kristine, alongside our dedicated team, will guide you through every step, ensuring that the process is as seamless and enjoyable as the outcome is breathtaking.

Interior Design
Drafting & Architecture

Drafting & Architecture

The cornerstone of our success lies in our experience in being able to bring together the best teams, with the best collaboration, to achieve the best results. We recognize that each project is as unique as the individuals behind it, carrying its own set of challenges, goals, and dreams. Therefore, we have cultivated a system that carefully considers the specific needs of your project, your architectural style preferences, and your financial considerations. This system is powered by our deep-rooted connections with the top architects and drafters in the industry, both locally and across the nation, who bring with them a wealth of experience, innovation, and creativity. If you’re not certain about how to begin to select the right architect, or if you’re still trying to find the best option, rest assured that our experience will guide you.  


By entrusting us with your vision, you gain access to this exclusive network of architectural talent, meticulously curated to ensure the perfect pairing between your project and the ideal architect. This collaboration is not just about planning and erecting structures; it's about creating homes that resonate with personal style, to stand the test of time, that admires and respects our environment,  and is on the mark for the project's target budget. Our commitment to excellence, personalized service, and unmatched expertise in the field of custom home building and design, guarantees that your journey with us will be as remarkable and enduring as the home we aim to create for you.

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Estate Management

Estate Management,   Maintenance & Hurricane Prepardness

At CopeGrand, we merge estate management and maintenance with unmatched hurricane preparedness, ensuring that your coastal property not only thrives in aesthetics and functionality but also stands resilient against nature's fiercest challenges.


Our comprehensive estate management includes a detailed 300-point inspection, meticulously designed to identify and rectify any potential issues before they become significant, thereby maintaining your property's optimal condition throughout the year.


When it comes to constructing and maintaining coastal homes, our expertise is unparalleled. We employ advanced, resilient techniques and materials specifically chosen to withstand the rigors of severe weather, particularly hurricanes.


Partnering with us means investing in the long-term success, durability, and safety of your property, offering you unparalleled peace of mind in the face of nature's unpredictability.

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