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Founder & Owner


Executive Director

Bud Ohly


Design Director & Lead Designer


Permit & Project Coordinator

Amie Osment


Project Manager


Founder & Owner


Operations Manager & Brand Marketing

Jaclyn Crosby


Estimator & Project Coordinator

Chris Arnold


Senior Project Manager


Project Manager

Project Management Excellence


At the core of our operations are our PROject Managers, who are not just ordinary project managers but the industry's top PROs. They orchestrate the complexities of construction with unparalleled expertise, embodying the pinnacle of professionalism and skill. From meticulous planning and budgeting to ensuring quality and timely delivery, they are the architects of your home's creation, navigating every challenge with precision and foresight.

Understanding the nuances of construction is pivotal, and our PROject Managers excel in this realm. Did you know that managing moisture within building envelopes is vital to preventing mold growth and structural damage? Or that galvanic corrosion can occur when two different metals come into contact in the presence of an electrolyte? These are just glimpses of the myriad technical details our PROject Managers master to ensure your home is constructed with integrity and precision.

Selecting the best from the rest, our PROject Managers undergo a rigorous interview process, designed to identify and recruit only the most knowledgeable and adept professionals. This multi-stage vetting assesses not just their technical expertise, but also their problem-solving skills and ability to manage complex projects under pressure, ensuring that we onboard individuals who are not just skilled, but are true visionaries in their field.

By adhering to CopeGrand's high standards, we ensure that our PROject Managers are not merely skilled professionals but are also visionary leaders committed to excellence and client satisfaction. Their integral role in the success of every project we undertake is what sets them—and us—apart. With a PROject Manager at the helm, you are assured that your home is not just being built, but is being crafted with the utmost care, expertise, and attention to detail that only the top pros in the industry can provide.

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