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Meet The

Ben and Adam Copenhaven

Adam and Ben's journey has transcended conventional roles within the construction and real estate sphere. As luxury custom home builders, they delved into energy-efficient design, innovations for healthier homes, and the latest advancements in building science technology. Recognizing a missing component in the industry vital to their business, employees, and client experiences, they honed their craft even further. CopeGrand was born from the aspiration to create dream homes and offer truly personalized custom home experiences.

Today, CopeGrand's brand and referral network continue to thrive, fueled by their commitment to enhancing the custom home building process through the delivery of a "Grand Experience." From their skilled craftsmen to dedicated vendor partners, they've meticulously cultivated a culture of "Always Be Giving" (ABG). This unwavering dedication has fostered unmatched customer satisfaction and nurtured enduring relationships, contributing to the strength of their community.


CopeGrand has become the platform where Adam and Ben can truly shine in customer service, demonstrating their fundamental values of diligence, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to fulfilling the distinct requirements of each client, as well as their dedication to serving both clients and architects.

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