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  • Jaclyn C.

Unlocking Industry Insights: Ben Copenhaver's Key Takeaways from the International Builders’ Show

Every year, the vibrant and dynamic February show becomes a melting pot of innovation, learning, and networking for industry professionals. Ben Copenhaver, one of the visionary founders and owners of CopeGrand Homes, attended this event, bringing back a treasure trove of knowledge and connections that directly benefit our clients. Let's dive into Ben's experiences at the show and how they underscore our commitment as a leading custom home builder.

Las Vegas Convention Center

Imagine walking into a room where the air buzzes with ideas, innovation, and the spirit of collaboration. That's what the February show is all about, and its why Ben, alongside our team at CopeGrand Homes, eagerly anticipates this event each year. It's not just a conference; it's a cornerstone event that enriches our knowledge and enhances our service as your trusted custom home builder.

The Essence of Networking


Networking: it's like the roots of a tree, spreading out to absorb nutrients and water, essential for growth. For us at CopeGrand Homes, networking at the show is akin to this, allowing us to connect, learn, and evolve in ways that directly benefit you, our client.

Ben had the privilege of spending time with Tim Coughran from Alderview Homes during one of Buildertrend's Happy Hours at their booth. Their discussion transcended mere small talk, delving into the intricacies of our industry. Also, Ben's attendance at Tim's seminar, "Profitability Principles: Builders Share Their Back to Back Basics for Strategies to Success," alongside experts Megan Billings and Brad Leavitt, unveiled nuanced strategies for running a profitable yet quality-conscious business. These insights are now integral to our approach, promising direct benefits to our clients.

After the session, Ben had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with Casey Cloward of Raykon Construction, an industry peer whose expertise and vision provided him with fresh perspectives on their business and the construction industry at large. Collaborative discussions like these are the seeds from which new ideas and partnerships grow, directly impacting the quality and innovation of our custom home builds.

Furthermore, Ben had the opportunity to catch up with Will King from High Cotton Homes and the Build Show. High Cotton Homes is a full-service design-build home building company located in Alabama. Will's expertise and perspective within the industry are invaluable, offering fresh insights and approaches that we're excited to explore in our projects.

Four people being interviewed
Andres Ricaurte interviewing Tim Coughran, Megan Billings and Brad Leavitt

The Advantech Challenge

Competing against more than 40 professionals in a pop quiz on scientific questions and applications at the Advantech booth, a leader in subflooring products, Ben secured an impressive 6th place, right behind the four presenting panelists. This achievement was not merely a contest; it served as a testament to our team's extensive knowledge and fervent passion for remaining at the cutting edge of industry developments. Furthermore, Ben's success highlights CopeGrand Homes' commitment to excellence and continuous learning, ensuring we leverage the latest industry insights to benefit our clients.

Custom home builders
Left to right: Ben Copenhaver, Ben Bogey, Jake Bruton, Peter Yost, Steve Baczek

Educational Sessions: Emerging with a Wealth of Insights

Educational Sessions: Emerging with a Wealth of Insights

At the International Builders' Show, Ben didn't just attend; he immersed himself in a series of educational sessions designed to sharpen and enhance the core practices of our industry. Here, we delve into how these sessions provided Ben with a wealth of insights that, while aligning with CopeGrand Homes' existing values, offer new avenues to optimize our approaches.

Core Principles and Strategies

  • Measurement and Management: Emphasizing the axiom that "what gets measured gets managed," the sessions reinforced the significance of quantifying progress and performance. This principle is a cornerstone at CopeGrand Homes, where we continually strive to enhance our project management through precise metrics.

  • Project Management Excellence: A formula was presented, spotlighting the trifecta of mobilizing people, optimizing processes, and maximizing value. These elements are not new to us, but the fresh perspectives gained reinforce our commitment to project management excellence.

  • Value vs. Product: The discussions underscored a pivotal shift from a product-centric view to a value-driven approach. This perspective is something CopeGrand Homes resonates with, as we always aim to align our offerings with the deeper needs and expectations of our clients.

  • Leadership and Management: Differentiating these roles was highlighted as crucial for organizational success. At CopeGrand Homes, we recognize the distinct but complementary nature of leadership and management and continually seek to refine these roles within our team.

  • Efficiency and Collaboration: Insights on throughput and its impact on results provided us with strategies to enhance operational efficiency and teamwork. Such strategies are ingrained in our workflow, yet there's always room for improvement.

  • Innovation and Continuous Improvement: Inspired by successful industry models, the sessions advocated for a proactive and iterative approach to problem-solving and innovation, principles that CopeGrand Homes values deeply.

  • Client Engagement and Expectation Management: Ben gained insights into effective client communication and expectation setting, reinforcing our belief in the importance of transparency and alignment in client relationships.

  • Advanced Project Management: The introduction of advanced project management techniques provided Ben with additional tools to refine our approach, ensuring that CopeGrand Homes continues to lead in delivering exceptional client experiences.


conference presentation
AdvanTech Presentation

Application to CopeGrand Homes

The insights from the International Builders' Show are not just academic for us; they are actionable strategies that complement and enhance our existing practices. By integrating these new learnings, CopeGrand Homes is not just maintaining its standards but elevating them. We're optimizing our processes, enhancing our client engagement, and reinforcing our commitment to excellence. These learnings are a testament to our dedication to continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring that we remain at the cutting edge of the custom home building industry, dedicated to delivering beyond our clients' expectations.

The Ripple Effect on Our Clients

Every moment spent at IBS, from insightful conversations to engaging presentations, significantly contributes to the superior service and expertise we provide at CopeGrand Homes. These encounters are the catalysts for our continuous innovation and unwavering dedication to you, our client. In the ever-evolving realm of home building, our commitment to lifelong learning ensures we remain at the industry's forefront, armed with cutting-edge knowledge and practices. Thus, our participation in the February show symbolizes more than just attendance; it signifies our enduring vow to excellence, innovation, and integrity in crafting your dream home. Ben Copenhaver's experiences at this year's show exemplify our promise to deliver unparalleled value and expertise, reinforcing our role as leaders in the custom home building industry.




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